Saturday, July 30, 2016


Against the black genocide promoted by imperialism and its cyber repressive apparatus!

In the US, the State imperialist police kill an average of three people, mainly black, a day without any trial or legal process. This violence is part of the US history and goes back to the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793, where policemen hunted slaves who tried to escape from their oppressors. Since then, under a democratic outburst, the number of blacks hunted, arrested and executed only increased.

Two deaths of back men were captured on camera and went viral weeks ago. Once again, these killings sparkled the back community’s fight against racist police. In Louisiana, Alton Sterling, 37, father of 5 children was shot in cold blood and bled to death after being crushed by two policemen between his bumper car and the asphalt.
48 hours later, in a traffic blitz in Minnesota, Philando Castilla was summarily executed in a car by a police officer in front of his 4-year-old daughter when reaching out for his wallet in the glove compartment. His girlfriend was also in the car and filmed his execution.

The two cases reopened an exposed and never healed wound of a permanent state of terror against the poor and black working communities in the US. It also revived the US’s ghosts of violent struggles against this type of oppression lived in the 60’s around the country, and experienced throughout the decades in places like California in 1992 and more recent through the rise of movements such as "Black Lives Matter.”

The recent trend of killings and persecution of the black population in the United States began in 2012 when the 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, was killed by the guard "volunteer" community guard George Zimmerman. Not only murdered, Trayvon still had to answer for his own death before the American justice, and Zimmerman was freed. This case was followed by the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in August 2014. With 12 shots, white police officer Darren Wilson, 28, eliminated the unarmed young man after accusing him of burglary as the young man and a friend were walking down the street midday. The sequence of murders does not stop there. A month before the death of Brown, Eric Garner was strangled in New York by white police who used the chokehold technique to kill him. These murders and a number of others that proceeded triggered protests from the black and oppressed communities in the whole country and gave rise to movements such as  "Black Lives Matter." Since then, protests have been intensified especially after the grand American Juries decided to free the officers involved in these cases.

Like a fuse explosive, these developments drew protests from coast to coast of the US, not only in Minnesota and Louisiana, but Washington, DC, San Francisco, Los Angels, Oakland, New York, Ferguson, Atlanta, Jackson, MS, Baltimore and Dallas.

In Saint Paul, Minnesota, about 1,000 protesters were chanting "No justice! No peace!” They blocked a highway in front of the Police Department and reacted to the police with stones, bottles, fireworks, Molotov cocktails and metal bars. Many civilians and policemen were injured in a clash that lasted hours. The demonstrators reacted against the black genocide with whatever tools they could use as weapons. The police arrested 102 people amongst the protesters.  The US oppressed blacks are considered part of a population that meets the broad category of "killable" by the State police.

In scary growing numbers, the imperialist state and all of the members of world capitalism apply a perverse policy of reducing the world population in mass by means of hunger in Latin America, Asia and Africa and murder through wars and police repression in the so called "killable " sectors of the world's working population.


In Dallas, a black former soldier killed five white police officers and wounded another seven, he then was cornered and literally blown up by a police robot type Andros F6A Robot. Northrop Grumman manufactures these soldiers, which are part of the Military Industrial Complex expanded by Obama. These same drones have been used in unprecedented scale in the Middle East and Asia. As an extension of this foreign policy, for the first time in history, the imperialist state makes use of  nonhuman killing machines as a repressive police instrument during a civil conflict. Not coincidently, this new approach and technology only seen in movies like Robocop, has been tested against its own working class in protests. In sum, these soldier-machines arrested more than 200 protesters.

Faced with a massive uprising in the heart of the empire, Obama hurried back to the US from a NATO meeting in Poland. The main focus of this meeting was to stop the integration of Eurasian countries through the military encirclement of Russia, a preparatory movement for the III World War.

Obama immediately tried to appeal to national reconciliation and dismiss connections to black people’s struggles from the past. The imperialist media also tried to demonize the protesters and justify their McCarthyism approach against the organizers. Through a desperate sensationalism, the media used a sentimental demagogic appeal to masquerade the violence practiced by the state police, including their robots. This outrage can only cause nausea and more indignation within the black workers and oppressed who stand against this continued assault against their lives.

More than ever, it is necessary to unify our class struggle. All white, black, Indian, Asian, Latino workers and immigrants must stand against the oppressing state police approach. We need to separate our side from the enemy's side by excluding cops, jail e security guards from our unions.

We fight for black self-defense, as called for by the Black Panthers in their fight against the police state. We fight against the disarmament of civilians advocated by Obama, while the police state makes use of cybernetic weapons to crush us. We call for the construction of a revolutionary party on the basis of the multiracial proletariat throughout North America.