Saturday, April 22, 2017


As Trump's populist electoral approach is hijacked by the establishment, he moves on to advance the imperialism's agenda

Obama’s eight-year legacy as the empire’s commander in chief became consolidated abroad as ultra-interventionist through the implementation of policies that varied from parliamentary coups in regions such as Brazil, Argentina, and Egypt to terrorizing drone military wars in most parts of the Middle East.

Domestically, the working class vanguard recognizes him by his constant assault on minorities by creating a police state that killed many young black lives and escalated the deportation of Latino and Muslim immigrants to numbers never seen before. His fake demagogy of “hope” unveiled his true imperialism agenda: to deepen America’s working class exploitation, but most importantly to escalate terrorism in the Middle East and destabilize the BRICS by pushing for the implementation of a new cold war.

Trump was elected with the support of spheres of the struggling white working class that is desperately poorer since the end of America’s manufacturing industry. Promising to get rid of “criminal” immigrants who were as described by Trump, “stealing America from Americans,” he camouflaged the crisis of Capital by placing the blame on immigrants and throwing sections of the working class against one another.

However, contrary to his promise of broader job opportunities, as immigration laws are getting much tighter and as larger number of deportations are on the way, these job promises together with his promise to reenergize the industrial apparatus is far from materializing and becoming reality. As the working class struggles across the country, big corporations are free to pile longer working hours and low wages, and unions are becoming less evident in some sectors of society.

As Trump’s days as president progress, the empire and its Establishment pressure him from all sides by using the “Russian electoral support” and his now questionable “loyalty to America” to not only push him to assume the tasks lead by Obama but to escalate them at a faster pace. Examples of these developments are evident by his recent attack against Syria, striking 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles against Syrians; and by dropping the largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan, killing civilians, including children. Trump is aware of his imperialistic duty and is assuring his commitment to the Establishment’s agenda by reenergizing the Cold War that could turn “hot” at any point now.